Together we share a common vision: a world in which government, politics, business, civil society and the daily lives of people are free of corruption.

Transparency International Belgium is the Belgian national chapter of Transparency International (TI) a global movement against corruption.

What we do

See what we have to done to fight corruption in Belgium and beyond.


We advocate for power to be held accountable. Everywhere.


To end corruption we must first understand it. That’s why we look at what causes corruption and what works against it.


We provide innovative, useable and evidence-based trainings to various stakeholders to provide solutions to prevent and stop corruption.


We hold the powerful and corrupt to account, by exposing the systems and networks that enable corruption. We advocate for policies and build coalitions to change the status quo.

Our vision of a corruption-free world is not an end in itself. It is the fight for social and economic justice, human rights, peace and security.



TIB will organise an event dedicated to the lessons learned after the transposition of the Directive into Belgian law, discussing the remaining issues that businesses and government agencies still face in order to draft recommendations and share learnings.

Minimising compliance risks Report

A new updated edition of the report on “Minimising compliance risks and promoting integrity: A practical guide for Belgian export driven SMEs addressing risks, prevention, repression is being drafted (dating from 2017) to the practices and legal context in 2023.


Transparency Register

T.I.B is advocating for the creation of a mandatory Belgian transparency register that promotes openness and transparency within Belgian society. This should apply to anyone engaged in activities aimed at influencing policy-making, policy implementation or the decision-making process within the Belgian institutions.

LIS (Libya II)

Under the leadership of its Belgian branch and with the support of the Government of Flanders, Transparency International has been involved since 2017 in a project developing anticorruption practices within local authorities in Libya.


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Transparency International Belgium is a non-for profit association. We survive thanks to the donations of individuals who want to support us our vision.

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