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Transparency International Belgium is proactively helping companies with their anti-corruption policy

Transparency International is the worldwide NGO specialized in the field of corruption. Based on this knowledge and experience, Transparency International Belgium (TI-B) has developed the TI-B Corporate Package. This is a service package aimed at companies which seek reliable information and advice for their anti-corruption policy. Companies which are members of TI-B enjoy a discount of 40% on the training modules and have free access to all other services of the package.

Transparency International is known as a watchdog for corruption throughout the world. But TI-B does not want to only observe. Since the beginning in 1993, TI has gathered worldwide unique knowledge and insight about corruption: see where it goes wrong and know why and how. The reality is that no company is safe from corruption. To achieve her goal, TI-B has garnered the worldwide knowledge of TI in practical tools and training modules. Further, TI-B took account of the needs and wishes of the Belgian economic sector. That is how the TI-B Corporate Package was born.

The TI-network operates in other countries for many years with firms, such as in our neighboring countries the UK and Germany. Now also Belgian companies are gaining access to the TI Network.

We offer

The TI-B Corporate Package is created for directors, managers and staff of companies in Belgium. TI-B offers, with the package, the following:

  • The main part is the TI training modules on corruption in the business world. It is a series of trainings spread throughout the year. Corporate members receive a 40% discount.
  • We also offer online access to TI documentation related to corruption in business in line with recent relevant developments: this concerns mainly guidance papers from TI (which are indicative and are recognized by e.g. the International Chamber of Commerce, the World Bank and OECD) and relevant research reports and press articles. Also access to this material is also for free.
  • Finally, we offer corporate members access to TI experts in countries which are part of the international network of TI, more than 100 countries. Some of these modules will be organized by teleconferencing. But, as far as possible, we will invite experts to Belgium to dialogue with our members, to give best practices examples, and offer advice that takes in account local rules and practices, etc. Our corporate members will also benefit from a 40% discount.
  • The experts we cooperate with are entrepreneurs, regulators, lawyers, fraud specialists, etc.
  • You may think you know everything, but we offer solutions

    We already see many companies actively structurally seeking for solutions to fight corruption. But some elements of corruption seem inevitable and cannot be solved in a short time period. Learning by trial and error is dangerous in this area. It takes too long and it brings with it unnecessary risks for directors and employees, and also for the company itself. Learning from the experiences of other companies, and from experts of TI-B, with direct access to the knowledge of the TI network in over 100 countries, is safer, faster and more reliable. And it is the one of the most credible ways to implement a comprehensive anti-corruption policy.

    Practical Information
    1. Corporate members of TI-B will automatically have access to the TI-B Corporate Package.
    2. The staff of corporate members enjoy a 40% discount on the registration fee for the activities of the TI-B Corporate Package.
    3. The access to TI Corporate Package and the 40% reduction also apply for the companies who make a donation equal to the amount of the subscription.
    4. Membership fees and donations are also tax deductible.
    5. The corporate membership fee of TI-B is €1000 for businesses (SMEs), €2500 (Large) or €3500 (Trade fairs listed) a year.
    6. The TI-B Corporate Package has been officially launched on 19 November 2010 during a workshop concerning how Belgian companies are being evaluated and perceived abroad in terms of corruption. The workshop covered vulnerability and possible sanctions.
    7. The range of workshops will continue in 2011 at a rate of approximately one activity per two months; companies can register for those workshops which they consider most relevant to their needs.
    8. In consultation with its corporate members, TI-B will also organize several specific workshops, for example dealing with specific countries (Russia, China, …) with corruption specialists with experience in these countries.
    9. Companies from Belgium and abroad will share their specific experiences in the field of anti-corruption policy with corporate members.
    10. With the permission of the respective companies, but anonymously, TI-B will publish the best initiatives for anti-corruption policy on the website, as an inspiration for other participants in the TI-B Corporate Package.

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