25th Anniversary of Transparency International Belgium

Date : 09/12/2020

This year it is the 25th Anniversary of Transparency International Belgium 

At the occasion of International Anti-Corruption Day the 9th of December, we share with you the celebration of our 25th Anniversary. Transparency International Belgium is 25 years young and one of the oldest chapters of the international movement Transparency International founded in 1993. This movement is the first global organisation dedicated to the combat of corruption and the abuse of power on a global level by promoting the values of integrity, transparency, and accountability for the good of society.

TI Belgium was founded on the March 1, 1995 and is an accredited National Chapter of the TI Movement. At first the name was “Transparency International Brussels” and in 2004 it changed into its current name.  TI Belgium was originally the incubator of the TI Europe office, which operates as such since 2008. TI EU was formally founded June 18, 2010. The current articles of association of TI Belgium are dated December 7, 2010.

The separation between TI Belgium and TI Europe as two separate entities changed the nature of our activities and was in some way a restart. Over the years we have changed the core of our activities from research to dialogue and the promotion of good practices regarding ethics in business, banking, and politics.

Now we have achieved a position as a credible partner with stakeholders in politics, law, accountancy, and the corporate sector. We have also set up very active partnerships with the Louvain School of Management and the Vlerick Business School, and we have been focussing on the role of the accountancy and the legal professions in the fight against corruption

We are happy to our 25 years and for what we have achieved. Belgium has a static ranking on the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI. One of our aims now is to improve Belgium’s CPI ranking.

We invite you to read more about us in the attached letter hereunder.

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